In-Store Music Applications

Barix offers delivery of high quality in-store audio in three ways:

Live Streaming: deliver high-quality branded audio in real-time via the Internet to all retail locations, including the option for localized and targeted ad insertion. This can be achieved using Barix Instreamers devices as sources and then distributing via "ShoutCast" servers, "Ad Insertion" servers, or Barix RTP-Replicator devices. At the receiving end Exstreamer devices will provide the audio output.

Periodic File Download: store audio locally at each retail location, updating the music via FTP or HTTP download and then playing back according to a schedule as desired. See FTP MP3 Player

Offline: store the audio locally at each location, and update it manually as desired.

In-store music from Barix [1] enables Retailers of all sizes to easily build their brand and sales figures, whilst providing customers with a pleasant environment.

Application / feature comparision for Audio Streaming/Broadcasting Scenarios

Features Streaming Client FW ABCL FTP-MP3 Player FW
for product type: Decoder/Exstreamer Decoder/Exstreamer
Streaming Direction USB playback and receive only USB playback and USB update
Audio Transport Protocols RTP, BRTP, HTTP HTTP, FTP
Audio Formats MP3, G.711, PCM (8-48kHz), AAC+, OGG Vorbis MP3
Backup Stream URL yes (2 Backup URLs) no
Audio/Playlist Scheduling no yes
USB Backup yes yes
Audio Priority Port yes no
IO-Support relay input + CTS
Serial Tunnel yes (TCP/UDP) no
Display Support yes no
Monitoring Capabilities web page, Barimon, SNMP, relay web page, Barimon
Command Port yes (UDP, TCP, CGI, serial) no
Remote Configuration Update yes yes

| Fdx = Full-Duplex , RTP = Real-time Transport Protocol , BRTP = Barix Real-time Transport Protocol

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