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FTP MP3 Player

The Store and Forward “FTP MP3 Player” firmware was especially designed to support audio distribution by network, when a fast or reliable network is not guaranteed, or network access is limited. The application can use either the FTP or HTTP protocol to download configuration data and playlists with their corresponding music files, and stores them onto a USB stick. FTPMP3 then plays the downloaded music according to the configuration. The application can also be used as a standalone player, without any network connection: in this case a preloaded USB stick can be sent to the player location and simply inserted into the device for playback to commence.


• Plays MP3, WMA files and M3U playlists from external USB memory;

• Configuration and/or music can be updated in set time intervals using standard protocols, HTTP and FTP, or fetched at a specific time every day;

• Playlists can be scheduled to be played at configured times;

• Playlists can be set valid for a defined date period and days of the week;

• Control and configuration is possible using any text editor and any web browser;

• Preloaded rescue configuration settings to be used in case of broken or missing configuration;

• Monitoring can be done using the BariMon service from Barix and/or SYSLOG;

• Remote update of the firmware is possible via WEB Browser

More information about Barix in-store music solutions can be found here [1].