IP based Intercom technology

With new IP based Intercom technology a company is able to save on costs since it is no longer necessary to wire up the entire building with paired wiring. With new IP based Intercom technology it is now possible to intercommunicate globally from continent to continent!

Just a few years ago, if a company wanted to install an Intercom system, it was required to run wires between all the Intercom call boxes demanding an intensive installation. In this day and age it is no longer necessary to run any more wires ever again thanks to new improved Intercom technology. At Barix AG in Zurich Switzerland, new technology has been developed to overcome structured wiring. This new technology is IP based Intercom meaning Intercom over IP network which transports the communication over computer networks and even over the Internet. The newest product from Barix to offer this technology is called the Annuncicom. The Annuncicom is not only an IP Intercom, it also contains a built-in relay switch so it can also be used as a door station. With this relay switch it is possible to remotely open a locked door or gate if the relay is connected to an electronic door lock. In the meantime the Annuncicom IC was replaced by the successor Annuncicom 100. The IP based Intercom technology is basically an Intercom system that utilizes computer network technology to transport the communication over local networks or the Internet.

With IP based Intercom technology it is also possible to communicate internationally which has never been done before with structured wiring. Since the IP based Intercom is able to use the Internet to transport the communication, it is possible to set up an Intercom system from China to Switzerland. This new technology is revolutionary bringing countless new applications which have never been possible before. It is now possible for any company with International branches to communicate to each other without having to use their computers or telephones. A manager in New York could press the button of his IP Intercom on his desk and automatically be routed to the LA branch and instantly speak to his or her employees. A worker servicing a utility box could press the button of the IP Intercom in the Utility box and automatically be routed to headquarters and receive remote assistance. If someone has an accident in a tunnel, he or she can activate an emergency response with this IP Intercom technology. Just about all places are wired with network cable which makes it easy for the Annuncicom 100 to tap in anywhere.

Companies can save costs on man power since this technology can replace man power. If someone needs assistance in a garage because the ticket machine is out of order, one could press the button of the IP Intercom and be routed to a live call center for assistance.

Barix is the first company in the world to offer IP Intercom technology that is not dependent on any computer running on the network. For OEMs, it is possible to try the Annuncicom 100 IP based Intercom system for a 30 day free trial. Barix also offers a product called the IP Audio Module (see IPAM 102) which offers the same technology on a single board designed to be integrated into other products for any company that wishes to add IP Intercom technology to their products.

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