General questions - IP, Addressing, Multicast etc

  • Ho do I do a web update of a device ? Please see FW Update
  • How do I perform a "Serial Rescue" of the device if it becomes unreachable ? Please see FW Update
  • Redundancy - how do i use Barix devices for a high availabilty application

  • SonicIP Voice - can I change this and record my own ? Yes, to do so follow this SonicIP Howto

Audio FAQ

Questions related to audio formats in general

Instreamer/ Encoding related questions

  • How do I configure a Instreamer-Exstreamer audio connection over the Internet (known as STL connection)? Please read the STL connection over Internet guide.
  • When using the Instreamer 100 to encode / feed a Shoutcast Server, how do I insert Artist / Title / Station-name text ? Please read how to send metadata

Exstreamer related questions

  • How do I know what the LED blinking means ? Please find that information in the "Exstreamer Technical Manual". (Faster Green and Red LED)

Annuncicom related questions

  • What are the ratings for the relay on the Annuncicom ? The ratings for the relay are: max 50V/1A

IPAM related questions

Control FAQ

X8 related questions

  • How do i update an X8 with the latest firmware ? You need a Barionet to do this. Please read a detailed howto X8-Update

Barionet related questions

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