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VSC - the Volume Source Control device

Volume Source Control Panel

The VSC is an OEM product, manufactured by a well known US home automation manufacturer. Barix offers the device for use with the Exstreamer and Annuncicom product lines. VSC features a 2-digit 7-segment LED display, a rotary knob and a built-in IR receiver.

Software support

The VSC panel is supported in the Streaming Client software, version >=2.07. It can be used to control the volume and to select the audio channel. The built-in IR receiver can be used in a combination with the Barix Remote Control.

Optionally VSC can be used with a specific BCL software, to control volume, channel and special functions.

VSC - wiring and structure

Wiring: the VSC needs to be connected to the serial port of the Exstreamer: Barix offers a DB9-RJ45 adapter (available through distribution), which allows the use of a standard patch cable to connect the VSC. The internal wiring of the adapter is described below: Note – you need to also have 2 resistor of value 2.7-4.7kOhm and a zener diode ! Note that Pin 2 and Pin 5 of the DB-9 connector have multiple connections.

RJ-45 Patch Cable Color DB-9
Pin 1 - nc Orange/White
Pin 2 - IR activity Orange
Pin 3 - GND Green/White Pin 5
Pin 4 - Data B Black Pin 2
Pin 5 - Data A Black/White to Pin 5 via series resistor
Pin 6 - IR Out Green to Pin 8
Pin 7 - GND Brown/White Pin 5
Pin 8 - +U (max. 10V) Brown Pin 4 via zener diode (to reduce the voltage)
Pin 3 to pin 2 via series resistor

VSC setup/configuration

It is recommended to use the Streaming Client version >=2.07. Please follow the VSC support in the Streaming Client HOWTO.

ABCL software

VSC configuration: the selector arrow at the back side of the unit must be pointing to “1”.

Software: To use the VSC, you need to install the “ABCL” firmware kit on the Exstreamer, available for download from the Barix Website. You need to select the “BARP-R” (Barix Paging Protocol- Room) Application from the selection. After storing the selection and rebooting, various settings are available in the “Applications” section – these are not discussed here. The VSC is automatically connected.

Operations/Use: With power on, the VSC typically shows “Er” (Error, no valid communications). This message will go away as soon as the Exstreamer has announced the IP address and starts playing the configured default background channel, which is then shown in the display.

Volume control: when the unit is idle and the channel number is shown, turning the button will increase or decrease the volume. The display shows the volume in steps of 5%, up to the value configured as max (100% is displayed as 99). If volume 0 is set, the output will be muted and the display will be switched off after about 5 seconds. At any time, the volume can be turned on again. After 5 seconds of inactivity, the display changes back to the channel display.

Channel selection: to select a channel, the button has to be pressed once. The display now shows “cX”, where X is the current channel number selected. The user can now use the button to dial a new channel number (up to the configured maximum), and the selection is activated after about 1 second or when the button is pressed again.

If configured, a local Instreamer can be selected by dialing to channel “0”, which is displayed as “Lo”.

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