Reflector Service The Barix Reflector service is a simple way to set up STL, Remote Contribution and Syndication applications, without requiring the user to understand anything about IP, firewalls etc.

How do I get the Reflector up and running?

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How does it work?

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The main components of the Reflector are shown in the diagram: Database stores all data about accounts, projects and devices

Configuration server – assigns project devices to individual Reflector Servers and communicates configuration details to devices

Reflector server(s) – receive details of devices from the config server and handle communications with them; receiving the network audio stream from the Encoder and forwarding it to the Decoder(s)

Web server – handles the User Interface, allowing users to set up and maintain their projects, updating the database accordingly.

Encoder/Decoders. On startup, each Reflector Client device will contact the Reflector Services defined to it in its startup configuration (US / EU ...), requesting the details of its project configuration, it then contacts the appropriate Configuration Server, applies its configuration and operates accordingly.

More about specific components of the Service:

You can find out more about the service here: [1]

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