Exstreamer 500

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The Exstreamer 500 combines the instream and exstream technologies into a single device. It is a versatile network device suited for a variety of high quality audio applications. The Exstreamer 500 can be used as an audio decoder (Exstreamer functionality), or as an audio encoder (Instreamer functionality). Audio can also be transmitted bidirectionally in a full duplex configuration (ABCL application).

The Exstreamer 500 features:

- Balanced I/O (DSUB9 XLR adapter cable available as an option)

- Contact closure interfaces (4 inputs, 4 relays)

- Serial interfaces (1 x Rs232 , 1 RS485)

NOTE: HW features availability is related to the specific Firmware loaded on the device, for more information see Exstreamer 1000.

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