Barix TS

The Barix TS is a wide range, high reliability temperature sensor with Dallas Onewire interface. It is essentially a DS18B20 chip molded into a small housing with attached interface cable.

Until about 2007, the Barix TS was shipped with the interface cable length being approx. 30cm, and the two inner wires were color coded "green" (ground) and "green with white strip" (data). That was changed in 2007, and now the cable length is approx. 1m (3ft), and there are 2 versions with different cable colors: black and red - this is an intermediate version, they have a small label attached to the wires. The red wire is ground, the black wire is data. black and yellow - this is the current shipping version (as of Dec 2008), the black wire is ground and the yellow wire is data.

The Barix TS can be used with any product supporting Dallas Onewire DS18B20 temperature sensors. It is specified in the limited temperature range -10'C till 60'C due to the enclosure plastic.

On the Barix Barionet, up to 50 Temperature Sensors can be connected.

The Barix X8 supports connection of up to 8 temperature sensors, one per input.

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