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IO12 Summary

The IO12 is a standard I/O device, suitable to interface digital signals to an RS485 bus. The bus protocol is Modbus/RTU.

Barix Modbus I/O device family is a low-cost, high reliability range of interfaces between Modbus capable hosts and sensors/actors. All products talk Modbus/RTU as the standard protocol, and are configurable via standard Modus read/write commands.

The IO12 features 12 high current sourcing outputs and 12 opto isolated inputs.

Functions and settings can be configured in the IO12 via the Modbus/RTU interface using standard register writes. As the IO12 is software upgradeable, new functions can be uploaded in the unit even after installation in the field.

Please contact Barix if you need a special interface for any type of I/O to Modbus or Modbus/TCP. With our extensive experience in the Modbus protocol and interfacing market, we will be pleased to offer you a custom solution.

Interfacing the IO12

With the Barionet 50 or the Barionet 100, smart ethernet controllers which are fully programmable and can also translate between Modbus/TCP and SNMP, the Barix Modbus I/O devices can be interfaced to about any host system. Standard SNMP or Modbus/TCP OPC servers can directly talk to the Barix I/O device family.

IO12 Defaults Parameters Jumper

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The IO12 is configured via the RS-485 interface using standard Modbus commands. If the address or the settings of the device are unknown, it can be temporarily set to default parameters by setting a jumper in the device.

No reset is necessary. Within 5 seconds after applying the jumper, the default parameters are assumed. It is NOT necessary to reset or to power cycle the device after removing the jumper ! If no valid Modbus blocks are received by the device for a 5 second time interval, the serial interface is reset and reconfigured with stored parameters.

Use a screw driver to remove the snap-on case top. On one side of the case lift one latch first and gently pull the top then lift the second latch and remove the top completely. J3 is a 4 pin connector and is located next to LED1 and LED2. To set default parameters connect the upper two pins using a standard jumper (not included).

When the jumper is set, the default parameters are: Serial interface 19200 Baud, even parity, 1 stop bit Modbus Address 255

IO12 Firmware Update procedure

The page IO12-Update explains the firmware update of an IO12 over the RS-485 port using a Barionet 50 or a Barionet 100.

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