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Automation and Control Product Matrix

Automation and Control Product Matrix

Barix automation and control products consist of two device groups: the BCL programmable Barionet controllers and the Modbus I/O devices. The latter can be used in standard modbus applications or can serve as a modbus extension to a Barionet device. Use the following comparison table to distinguish which device(s) suit your application.

Comparison of HW and SW features

Barionet 50 Barionet 100 IO12 R6 X8
Device Type Programmable Controller Programmable Controller Modbus I/O Modbus I/O Modbus I/O
Ethernet 10/100 auto 10/100 auto
Modbus Type (TCP) Slave (RTU) Slave (RTU)
Modbus Type (RS-485) Master Master Slave Slave Slave
RS-485 Baudrate 300..230400 300..19200 9600/19200 9600/19200 9600/19200
RS-422 (4-wire)
RS-232 Signals TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, GND TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, GND
RS-232 Baudrate 300..230400 300..19200
Wiegand input 2 [1]
Dallas 1-Wire bus 1 1 0..8 [2]
Analog Inputs 4 [3] 0..8 [2]
Digital Inputs 4 dry contact
(fixed pull-up)
8 dry contact / 0..5VDC
(selectable pull-up)
12 Opto isolated 0..32VDC 0..8 [2]
Digital Outputs 4 (24VDC 0.1A sink) 12 (32VDC 0.7A source)
Relay Outputs 4 NO (30V 0.5A) 2 NO (250V 5A) 6 NO (250V 10A)
DIN rail mounting
[1] Select either Dallas 1-Wire® support or 2 Wiegand® protocol interfaces.
[2] Select either Analog In, Digital In, Digital Out or Dallas 1-Wire® support for each of the 8 I/Os independently.
[3] Inputs 1 to 4 are hardwired to both analog and digital detection circuits/registers.

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