Annuncicom 155

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The Annuncicom 155 is a ruggedized, universal Audio over IP device designed to serve as a gateway between IP Paging, VoIP and Intercom systems and traditional microphone/speakers or amplifers. Supporting both music (MP3) as well as voice codecs (G.711, uLaw, aLaw) and a large number of protocols (including shoutcast, SIP etc), the device can be used for both surveillance as well as VoIP applications.

•G711, PCM Encoding and Decoding
•MP3 Encoding and Decoding
•Audio Level Supervision with SNMP Trap generation
•IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
•Microphone Input
•Line Level Output
•Amplified Output 5W (8 Ohm)
•Contact Closure Input (2)
•RS-485 Serial Port (1)
•Power Supply (not included)
•Supply Voltage (18..28V)
•Dual Ethernet
•Supervised Speaker/Mic and Control Interface
•IP65 rating, tested to EN50155, suitable for applications in rolling stock
•Wide operating temperature range (-40..+70'C), shock and vibration resistant
•Current sourcing Outputs (1)

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