Alarm Applications

Barix products in Alarm Applications

Barix products can be used in a variety of ways in alarm applications. Depending on the product, contact closures, network or serial triggers can be used, messages can be streamed over the network or local files (from either internal or USB flash) can be played out in case of an emergency notification. Products with both audio input and outputs can also "interrupt" or "fade-in/fade-out/voice-over" an existing audio feed.

Stored message applications

Internal Flash memory

Multiple "short" messages (64kByte max. length per message) can be stored in the flash of the Exstreamer, total about 400 kByte (again, limit 64kByte per message). These messages are prepared on a PC in the correct audio format and length, and put into one or multiple resource files with the Web2cob tool. The resulting .cob file is then loaded via browser or tftp using the normal software update mechanism. Both standard Exstreamer/Annuncicom firmware as well as BCL based firmware can play back such files.

USB Flash memory

Products which feature a USB Flash interface can be used with standard USB flash sticks, FAT16 formatted, max. 4GB. To play back messages from the USB drive, a BCL application needs to be loaded. Barix provides multiple such applications both in source as well as "fixed" forms, and these can be also modified by customer demand.

Online sources Playback

The Exstreamer software allows to "pull" a file from a HTTP server, connect to a shoutcast/icecast server or play an RTP stream.

Triggering of messages or functionalities

By means of commands sent to the cgi, UDP, TCP or serial interfaces, playback of a message/stream can be initiated. If contact closure inputs are present (or serial modem handshake lines), a command can also be stored there to play back a message. A "stored message" application, written in BCL and available from Barix, also allows connection of an X8 device and up to 70 contact closures can be used to trigger individual messages.

Which software to use ?

Internal flash playback

Internal flash playback is part of the standard, original "Exstreamer" firmware, no programming on the device required. But ... there is no "fallback" in the sense that if a server cannot be reached, a local file is played (in case of RTS).

USB playback, sophisticated applications

A standard BCL based functionality is available from Barix. In addition, writing own code is simple in BCL based on examples which can be provided on request.

Use Cases

Exstreamer 100 or Exstreamer 105

As you already think - stored message or "pull" of a message from a server. Triggered locally by contact closure, serial, or triggered over the network.

Exstreamer 110 or Exstreamer 120

Same as Exstreamer-100, but the device also has a relay and so can activate a switch over

Exstreamer 200 or Exstreamer 205

Same as Exstreamer-100, but direct connection of 2 speakers 25W sinus, so can well be used in a building, hallway etc.

Annuncicom 100

Same functionality, but explicit contact closure inputs. In addition, the Annnuncicom-100 can "fade-in" or "fade-out" or "voice over" a message (it can feed through from input to output)

Annuncicom 1000 or Exstreamer 1000

Same as Annuncicom-100, professional/balanced interfaces, fade over etc are possible

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