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IPAM 300 Analog Characteristics

Here following the "typical" values for the Analog Characteristics of the IPAM 300 as reported on Codec Datasheet.

This values apply to the IPAM module and not to the assembled products (i.e. Exstreamer).

Parameter                               Ι  Value   Ι  Unit  

Full Scale Output Voltage (Peak-to-peak)Ι   1.85   Ι Vpp
Output Total Harmonic Distortion        Ι   0.07   Ι   %
Output S/N Ratio (full scale signal)    Ι     94   Ι  dB
Interchannel Isolation (Cross Talk)     Ι     53   Ι  dB

Analog Output Load Resistance           Ι     16   Ι   Ω
Analog Output Load Capacitance          Ι    100   Ι  pF

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