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ESD protection enhancement how-to

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This how-to will guide you step by step to mount the Barix ESD protection enhancement springs.

The application of the springs will enhance the ESD protection by making a better connection between the shielding of the RS-232 connector and the device enclosure (aluminum housing). Note that this does NOT alter the insulation between device shielding and the internal ground (analog / digital signal ground).

The springs can be requested directly from Barix using either this online form, this email form or by sending an email to esdsprings@barix.com (Click here for a sample body text).

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Step 1: Preparation

Unpack the device and the springs. Place the device on the table with the rear plate facing up.


Step 2: Unscrewing the bolts

Use appropriate tools to unscrew the left and right Dsub bolts of the RS-232 connector. Place the bolts aside for mounting in the final steps.


Step 3: Placing the springs

Use pliers or a tweezer to place the springs in the slot between the RS-232 connector and the enclosure.

  • The bent part with the screw hole must be placed facing up!
  • Place the spring to fit the screw hole for easy mounting of the bolts.
  • Production tolerances might prevent you from placing both spring which is ok as long as one spring is touching the enclosure.


Step 4: Screwing back on the bolts

Use appropriate tools to screw back on the left and right Dsub bolts of the RS-232 connector.

  • Place both bolts in loosely before tightening them!
  • Tighten both bolts to prevent accidental untightening.